[E-Book] A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

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The first edition was featured as #1 best-seller in Gender on Amazon, and is being used by gender studies & sociology professors on 3 continents. Now with a new foreword by the author, brand new chapters, fixed tpyos, and more gender!

Where do we start, when it comes to learning about something that's everywhere, infused into everything, and is often one of the primary lenses through which we see ourselves and others?

When it comes to understanding gender, it's best to begin with deep breath, then with section one of this book by social justice advocate Sam Killermann, who uses clear language, helpful examples, and a bit of humor to help the medicine go down.

This book is not overwhelming, it's not overly complicated, and it's not exhausting to read. It is a few hundred pages of gender exploration, social justice how-tos, practical resources, and fun graphics & comics. Sam dissects gender using a comprehensive, non-binary toolkit, with a focus on making this subject accessible and enjoyable. All this to help you understand something that is so commonly misunderstood, but something we all think we get: gender.

A Guide to Gender is broken into four sections: Basic Training (which sets the foundation of knowledge for the book, defining concepts of social justice, oppression, privilege, and more), Breaking through the Binary (beginning with a discussion of gender norms, and working toward a more nuanced understanding of gender identity, gender expression, and sex), Feminism & Gender Equity (how feminism can be a solution to the injustices folks of all genders face), and Social Justice Competence (a series of short, practical lessons that will help readers put the learning from the book to work).

It's written for people who want to learn for themselves, educators who are hoping to better communicate themes of gender to others, and activists who want to add a gender equity lens to their vision of justice.

It's not meant to be the end of one s journey into understanding gender, but a great place to start. Because gender is something we all deserve to understand.

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[E-Book] A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

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